Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 423

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE PINE-KNOT. 423
"Ask no questions, you black rascal, but run and help
Airnest : don't you see him there, fighting with the tory ?"
Who ? Mass Airnest fighting wid de tory�hey ?"
The negro turned his eyes, and stood in amaze, to behold
the sort of contest which Mellichampe and Barsfield carried
on. The tory first addressed him :
Scipio, run to Lieutenant Clayton �""Run to the devil !" cried Witherspoon; knock him on
the head, Scipio, and save your master; don't let him talk."
Only say de wud, Mass Wedderspoon ; say de wud, Mass
Arnest ; you say I mus' knock dis tory ?"
Yes, to be sure," cried Witherspoon, in a rage.
If you dare," said Barsfield, you'll hang, you scoundrel.
Beware what you do !�fly -- go to Lieutenant Clayton �"
The negro interrupted him :
" You 'tan' fur me, Mass Wedderspoon�you tell me fur do
'em, I do 'em fur true.""Do it do it, d �n you! don't stand about it. He will
kill Airnest if you don't ; he'll kill us all !"
The negro seized a billet � a ragged knot of the heaviest
pine-wood that lay at hand and approached the two where
they lay struggling.
I mos''fraid he dah buckrah I dah nigger."" Strike him !" cried Witherspoon, writhing forward in an
agony of excitement�" strike him, Scip ; I'll answer for you,
Hole you head fudder, Mass Arnest," cried the negro ; I
feard fur hit you.""Will you dare, Scipio will you? Strike not, Scipio ;
you shall have your freedom�gold�guineas," was the sup-
plicating cry of Barsfield.
I no yerry you, Mass Barsfield : you's a d�n tory, I
know. Dis dah my maussa ; I hab fur min' um."
While he spoke, he approached and planted one of his feet
between the bodies of the two combatants.
Turn you eyes, Mass Arnest."
The heavy pine-wood knot was lifted above the head of the
tory. The eyes of Mellichampe were averted, while Barsfield