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Page 425

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription JACK WITHERSPOON. 425


THE negro dropped the heavy pine-knot with the blow, and,
for a moment, stood gazing in stupor upon the horrid specta-
cle, his own deed, before him. At length, starting away, he
dashed out of the bushes, in the direction of the dwelling,
crying aloud as he fled, in tones like those of a maniac,
and in words which indicated the intoxicating effect of his
new-born experience upon him
Ho ! ho ! I kill um �I hit um on he head. He's a dirt-
be's a dirt �I hab foot on um I mash he brains. Ho ! ho !
I kill- buckrah. I's nigger �I kill buckrah ! You tink for
hang me you mistake. Mass Wedderspoon say de wud ��-
Mass Arnest no say ' no.' I kill 'em. He dead !"
He rushed into the apartment where the family were all as-
sembled in the highest degree of . agitation. The storm of
battle, which still raged around them with unmitigated fury,
had terrified Mr. Berkeley and Rose Duncan .to the last de-
gree. They appealed to Scipio for information, but he gave
them no heed.
Whay's young missis ? young missis I want. I hab for tell
um someting."
He refused all other answer, and made his way into the
adjoining apartment. Janet was at the window that near-
est to the clamor at which, through another dreadful fight,
she had watched unhesitatingly before. She started to her
feet as she beheld him.
" Ernest speak to me, Scipio. What of Ernest ? Where
is he ? tell me he is safe."
He dead ! I kill um ?"