Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 426

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 426 MELLICHAMPE.
She shrieked and fell. The event restored the negro to his
senses. He picked her up, howling over her all the while,
and bore her to the adjoining apartment, where the care of
Rose Duncan in a short time recovered her.
Speak to me, Scipio," she cried, rising, and addressing him
with an energy which despair seemed to have given her,
and which terrified all around Tell me all what of
Ernest ? He is not hurt he has escaped ? You have told
me falsely --he lives !"
I 'speck so, missis ; 'tis I's a d�n fool fur tell you he
been hurt. He no hurt. 'Tis Mass Barsfield I been knock on
de head "
it Barsfield ! you !" was the exclamation of all.
Yes de d �n nigger enty he been hab Arnest 'pon
de ground ? he want to 'tick him wid he sword. I take light-
wood-knot, I hammer um on he head tell you sees noting but
de blood and de brain, and de white of he eye. He dead �
'tis Scip mash urn."
You struck him, Scipio ?" said Mr. Berkeley.
Mass Wedderspoon tell me, maussa. Enty he been guine
'tick Mass Arnest ? When I see dat, I 'tan look. Jack Wed-
derspoon cuss me, and say, why de h�11 you no knock um ?'
Well, wha' I for do ? Enty he tell me ? I knock urn fur true !
I hit um on he head wid de pine-knot. De head mash flat like
pancake. I no see um 'gen."
The maidens shuddered at the narration, but Janet spoke
" But Ernest, what of him, Scipio ? Was he hurt ? You
have not said, is he safe ?"
I sway, missis, I can't tell. I 'speck he been hurt some-
ting. I left urn on de ground. He ain't git up."
I will go," she exclaimed.
Think not of it, Janet, my child, till the noise is over."
But she had gone ; while the father yet spake, she had left
the room and the house, Scipio closely attending her. The
feebleness of age seemed no longer to oppress the aged man.
He rushed after the daughter of his heart with much of the
vigor of youth, and with all the fearlessness of a proper man-