Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 428 MELLICHAMPE.
struction behind him, and he stumbled .over it without being
able to recover himself. He now lay at the mercy of his
The courtesy of Singleton effected what his valor had not
done. His horse was curbed in the instant which saw Clay.toii
fall. The point of his sabre, which had been directed toward,
was now turned from his bosom, and he bade him rise. The
Briton bowed, and presented his sword.
" Oblige me by keeping it, sir," was the reply of the partisan.
Let me see you to the house in safety."
The only inmate of the house who received Lieutenant Clay-
ton was Rose Duncan.
I'm a prisoner, Miss Duncan," said the lieutenant, and it
did not pain him greatly to tell her so.
Indeed; I'm so glad of it," was the almost unconscious
Clayton looked grave as she said so, and Major Singleton
withdrew, leaving him, however, not so dissatisfied with the
general tenor of events as might leave been expected. It was
surprising how soon he forgot that he was a prisoner, and how
readily Rose became his custodier. .But this concerns us not.
In the neighboring court the bugle of Marion called his men
together. The battle was over. The victory was complete,
and the only concern before the partisans was to ascertain
the price which it had cost them. This could not be so
readily determined.
But what tidings of Mellichampe ?" demanded Marion.
Have you heard nothing, Major Singleton ? This was your
Nothing, as yet, sir ; I have dispersed my men in search.
It is unaccountable, too, that we have heard nothing of With-
erspoon, nor has Captain Barsfield been reported. The com-
mand does not seem to have been with him. Lieutenant
Clayton is my prisoner."
While they yet spoke, the whistle of Witherspoon�a
faintly-uttered note, but well known as that of the wood-
man�came to them from the bay. To this point they in-
stantly proceeded. But Janet Berkeley was there long before