Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription JACK WITHERSPOON. 429
them. She had outstripped even the speed of Scipio ; she
had heard and been guided by the accents of her lover's voice,
as she entered the copse.
Jack, dear Jack �Witherspoon, my friend, my more than
friend my father speak to me !"
It was thus that the youth, bending over his prostrate com-
panion, expressed his agony and apprehension at the condition
in which he found him. Witherspoon bled inwardly, and
could scarcely speak, as he was in momentary danger of suf-
focation. The next moment the arms of Janet were thrown
about her lover, whom she found in safety, and she burst into
an agony of tears, which at length relieved her. With her
appearance, the strength and consciousness of the wounded
woodman seemed to come back to him. He looked up with a
smile, and said, feebly, as he beheld her
" God bless you, Miss Janet, and make you happy. You
see he's safe ; and there's no danger now, for I rether reckon,
from what I hear and from what I don't hear, that the tories
are done for.""Oh, Mr. Witherspoon ! what can I do for you? I hope
you are not much hurt."
Pretty bad, I tell you. I feel all over I can't tell how;
and when it comes to that, you see, it looks squally. I'm
afeard I've no more business in the swamp."
Speak not thus, Jack ; but let us help you to the house.
Here, Scipio, lend a hand."
But the woodman resisted them.
No ! no !" he exclaimed, "this is my house � the woods.
I've lived in them, and I feel that it will be sweeter to die in
them than in a dark little room. I like the green of the trees
and the cool feel of the air. I can't breathe in a little room
as I can in the woods."
But, dear Jack, you can be better attended there � we "" Don't talk, Airnest. I won't ax for much 'tendance now.
I feel I'm going; my teeth stick when I set them down, and
when I try to open them it's hard work. I'm in a bad way, I
tell you, when I can't talk talking was so nateral."
What can I bring you ?"