Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 430

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 430 MELLICHAMPE.
" Water !" he replied, gaspingly.
But, with the effort to swallow, there came a rush of blood
into his mouth, which almost suffocated him.
It's all over with me now, Airnest, boy. I've done the
best for you�"
The youth squeezed his hand, but was too much moved to
I've worked mighty hard to git you out of the hobble, and
I'm awful glad that the bullet didn't come till you were safe
out of the claws of that varmint. You've got a clear track
now; and oh ! Miss Janet, I'm so glad to see you together,
lock and lock, as I may say, afore I die. It's a God's blessing
that I'm let to see it."
He linked their hands as he spoke, and the tears flowed as
if he had been a child. Nor were the two bending above him
less moved.
"When you're man and wife, you mustn't forgit Jack
Witherspoon. Ab, Airnest, you can't reckon how much he
loved you."
I know it �I feel it, Jack. Your present situation this
wound "
I don't mind the pain of it, Airnest, when I think that I
saved you. You're safe ; and 'tain't no hard matter to die
when one's done all his business. Indeed, to say truth, it's
high time -- Ah ! it's like a wild-cat gnawing into the bones !"
The dialogue, broken and interrupted frequently by the
sorrow of the spectators and the agonizing pain of Wither-
spoon, was at length interrupted by the entrance into the area
of the partisan-general, with several of the officers. Marion
spoke in a low tone to Scipio, who stood at the head of the
dying man. The voice was recognised by him.
" That's the gineral�the old ' fox,'" he muttered to him-
self; and be strove to throw back his eyes sufficiently to see
Stand out of the moonlight, nigger �I wants to see the
gineral.""I am here, Thumbscrew," said Marion, kneeling down
beside him. How is it with you, my friend ?"