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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854

By ARSE NE HOL'SSAYE. With beautifully-engraved Portraits of Voltaire and Mad. Parabere. Two vols., 12mo, price $2.50.
"We have here the most charming book we have read these many days,�,s powerful in its fascination that we have been held for hours from our imperious labors, or needful slumbers, by the entrancing influence of its pages. One of the most desirsr ble fruits of the prolific field of literature of the present season."�Po'-tcand Eclectic.
" Two brilliant and fascinating�we had almost said, bewitching�volumes, combining information and amusement, the lightest gossip, with solid and serviceable wit
dom."� Yankee Blade.
" It is a most admirable book, full of originality, wit, information and philosophy Indeed, the vividness of the book is extraordinary. The scenes and deacriptions are absolutely life-like."�Southern Literary Gazette.
" The works of the present writer are the only ones the spirit of whose rhetoric does justice to those times, and in fascination of description and style equal the fiwations
they descant upon."�New Orleans Commercial Bulletin.
The author is a brilliant writer, and serves up his sketches in a sparkling wanner"
Christian Freeman.
ANCIENT EGYPT UNDER THE PHARAOHS. By JOHN KENDRICK, M. A. In 2 vols., 12mo, price $2.50.
"No work has heretofore appeared suited to the wants of the historical student, which combined the labors of artists, travellers, interpreters and critics, during the periods from the earliest records of the monarchy to its final absorption in the empire of Alexander. This work supplies this deficiency."�Olive Branch.
"Not only the geography and political history of Egypt under the Pharaohs are given, but we are furnished with a minute account of the domestic manners and cus� toms of the inhabitants, their language, laws, science, religion, agriculture, Navigation
and commerce.''�Commercial Advertiser.
"These volumes present a comprehensive view of the results of the combined labors of travellers, artists. and scientific explorers, which have effected so much during the present century toward the development of Egyptian archeology and history."�Jour-
nal of Commerce.
" The descriptions are very vivid and one wanders, delighted with the author, through the land of Egypt, gathering at every step, new phases of her wondrous history, and ends with a more intelligent knowledge than he ever before had, of the land of the
Pharaohs."�American Spectator,
Or Resemblances between Men and Animals. By J. W. REDFIELD, M. D. In one vol., 8vo, with several hundred illustrations. price, $2.00.
" Dr. Redtleld bas produced a very curious, amusing, and instructive book, curious in its origiri,ality and illustrations, amusing in the comparisons and analyses, and in. structive b 'Icause it contains very much useful information on a too much neglected subject. It will be eagerly read and quickly appreciated."�National 1Egis.
"The whole work exhibits a good deal of scientific research, intelligent observation, and ingenuity."�Daily Union.
"Highly entertaining even to those who have little time to study the science."
Detroit Daily Advertiser.
This is a remarkable volume and will be read by two classes, those who study for information, and those who read for amusement. For its originality and entertaining character, we commend it to our readers."--Albany Express.
It is overflowing with wit, humor, and originality, and profusely illustrated. The whole work is distinguished by vast research and knowledge."�Knickerbocker.
"The plan is a novel one; the proofs striking, and tnust challenge the attention of the curious."�Daily Advertiser