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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Notes and Emendations tc the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from the Early Manuscript Corrections in a copy of the folio of 1632, in the possession of JOHN PAYNE COLLIER, Esq., F.S.A. Third edition, with a fac-simile of the Manuscript Corrections. 1 vol 12mo, cloth, $ 1 50.
" It is not for a moment to be doubted, we think, that in this volume a contribution teas been made to the clearness and accuracy of Shakespeare's text, by far the most im portant of any offered or attempted since Shakespeare lived and wrote."�Lond. Exam
" The corrections which Mr. Collier has here given to the world are, we venture to think, of more value than the labors of nearly all the critics on Shakespeare's text put together."�London Literary Gazette.
" It is a rare gem in the history of literature, and can not fail to command the attention of all the amateurs of the writings of the immortal dramatic poet."�Ch'ston Cour
" It is a book absolutely indispensable to every admirer of Shakespeare who wishes to read him understandingly."�Louisville Courier.
" It is clear from internal evidence, that for the most part they are genuine restorations of the original plays. They carry conviction with them."�Home Journal.
" This volume is an almost indispensable companion to any of the editions of Shakespeare, so numerous and often important are many of the corrections."� Register Philadelphia.

By JOSEPH FRANCOIS MICHAUD. Translated by W. Robson, 3 vols. 12mo., maps, $3 75.
" It is comprehensive and accurate in the detail of facts, methodical and lucid in arrangetnent, with a lively and flowing narrative."�.Journal of Commerce.
We need not say that the work of Michaud has superseded all other histories of the Crusades. This history has long been the standard work with all who could read it in its original language. Another work on the same subject is as improbable as a new history of the ` Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.'"�Salem Freeman.
" The most faithful and masterly history ever written of the wild wars for the Holy Land."�Philadelphia .Ameriean Courier.
" The ability, diligence, and faithfulness, with which Michaud has executed his great task, are undisputed.; and it is to his well-filled volumes that the historical stu-
ent must now resort for copious and authentic facts, and luminous views respecting this most romantic and wonderful period in the annals of .the Old World."�Boston Daily Courier.

An Historical Romance of ] 651, by HEART W. HERBERT, author of the " Cavaliers of England,"&c., &c. Fourteenth Edition. Revised and Corrected.
"'Phis is one of the best works of the kind we have ever read�full of thrilling incidents and adventures in the stirring times of Cromwell, and in that style which has made the works o f Mr. Herbert so popular."--Christian Freeman, Boston.
" The work is distinguished by the same historical knowledge, thrilling incident, and pictorial beauty of style, which havt characterized all Mr. Herbert's fictions and imparted to them such a bewitching interest.".� Yankee Blade.
"The author out of a simple plot and very few characters, has constructed a novel of deep interest and of considerable historical value. It will be found well worth reading National .�gis, Worcester.