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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854

Of the Mississippi Valley. With the Original Narratives of Mar� quette, Allouez, Membre, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay. By JOHN GII.rylARY SHEA. With a fac-simile of the Original Map of Marquette. 1 vol., 8vo, ; Cloth. Antique. $2.00.

"A volume of great and curious interest to all concerned to know the early history-4 this great western land."�Cincinnati Christian Herald.
" We believe that this is altogether the most thorough work that has appeared on the subject to which it relates. It is the result of long-continued and diligent reseal ch, and to legitimate source of information has been left unexplored. The work combines the nterest of romance with the authenticity of history."�Puritan Recorder.
" Mr. Shea has rendered a service to the cause of historical literature worthy of alai praise by the excellent manner in which he has prepared this important publicatit it for the press."�Boston Traveller.

An Introduction to Roman History. By FRANCIS W. NEWMAN, Professor of Latin in the University College, London. 12mo, Cloth. 63 cents.
" The book, though small in compass, is evidently the work of great research and 'eflection, and is a valuable acquisition to historical literature."�Courier and Enquirer.
"A work or great erudition and power, vividly reproducing the wonderful era of Ronan history under the kings. We greet it as a work profound scholarship, genial trt, and eminent interest�a work that will attract the scholar and please the general �eader."�N. Y. Evangelist.
" Nearly all the histories in the schools should be banished, and such as this should .ake their places."�Boston Journal.
"Professor Newman's work will be found full of interest, from the light it throws oR ;he formation of the language, the races, and the history, of ancient Rome."�Wall. ,treet Journal.

From the Crusaders to the Maresehals of Louis XIV. By HENRI W. HERBERT, author of " The Cavaliers of England,"" Crom well,"" The Brothers,"&c., &c. 1 vol. 12mo. $1.25.

" Mr. Herbert is one of the best writers of historical tales and legends in this or an{ other country."�Christian Freeman.
"t This is a work of great power of thought and vividness of picturing. It is a movini )anorama of the inner life of the French empire in the days of chivalry."�Albany Spec
" The series of works by this author, illustrative of the romance of history, is desery idly popular. They serve, indeed, to impart and impress on the mind a great deal of raluahle information : for the facts of history are impartially exhibited, and the 1ictiot presents a vivid picture of the manners and sentiments of the times."�Journal of Con serve.
" The work contains four historical tales or novelettes, marked by that vigor of style nd beauty of description whioh ha: r found so many admirers among the readers, c$ re author's numerous romanaes."�Lowell Journal.