Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription Acknowledgments
The cooperative efforts of a number of organizations and
individuals made possible this publication of Simms' eight
novels of the Revolution in South Carolina. It had been
originally planned to include them in the Centennial Edition
of the Writings of William Gilmore Simms, published by the
University of South Carolina Press. However, a textual study
of the novels indicated that a new edition, newly set in type,
would be desirable for only one of them, Joscelyn. Ac-
cordingly, the Editorial Board of the Centennial Edition,
consisting of James B. Meriwether, General Editor; Keen
Butterworth, Textual Editor; and Mary C. Simms Oliphant,
John C. Guilds, and Stephen Meats, decided to omit the
remaining seven novels from the edition and to seek another
publisher to bring them out with new introductory and
explanatory matter, but with their texts reproduced by
photo-offset from the Redfield edition of Simms' works,
originally published in the 1850's.
Joscelyn, with an introduction and notes by Professor
Meats and its text established by Professor Butterworth, was
published in October 1975 by the University of South
Carolina Press as volume XVI of the Centennial Edition, with
the Seal, as an Approved Text, of the Center for Editions of
American Authors. When Thomas E. Smith of The Reprint
Company agreed to undertake the publication of the Revolu-
tionary novels as a set, the University of South Carolina Press
agreed to license the reissue of Joscelyn (without its textual
apparatus) so that all eight novels might, for the first time, be
brought out together.