Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription xiiINTRODUCTION

1836 Mellichampe A Legend of the Santee. 2 volumes.
New York: Harper 8c Brothers. Revised edition, New
York: Redfield, 1854.
1841 The Kinsmen: or the Black Riders of Congaree. A
Tale. 2 volumes. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard.
Revised edition, entitled The Scout or The Black
Riders of Congaree, New York: Redfield, 1854.
1850 Katharine Walton: or, the Rebel of Dorchester. An
Historical Romance of the Revolution in Carolina.
Philadelphia: A. Hart, 1851. Revised edition,
entitled Katharine Walton or The Rebel of
Dorchester, New York: Redfield, 1854. A shorter
version was first published serially in Godey's Lady's
Book (February-December, 1850) with the title
"Katharine Walton: or, the Rebel's Daughter. A Tale
of the Revolution."
1852 The Sword and the Distaff; or, "Fair, Fat and
Forty," A Story of the South, at the Close of the
Revolution. Charleston: Walker, Richards & Co.
Revised edition, entitled Woodcraft or Hawks about
the Dovecote A Story of the South at the Close of
the Revolution, New York: Redfield, 1854. First
published serially in semi-monthly supplements to
the Southern Literary Gazette (February-November,
1855 The Forayers or The Raid of the Dog Days. New
York: Redfield.
1856 Eutaw A Sequel to The Forayers, or the Raid of
the Dog Days A Tale of the Revolution. New York:
1867 Joscelyn A Tale of the Revolution. Columbia, S.C.:
University of South Carolina Press, 1975. Volume
16 of The Centennial Edition of the Writings of
William Gilmore Simms. First published serially in
The Old Guard (January-December, 1867).

Because the order in which the eight novels were published
does not follow the chronology of the Revolution itself, they