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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription CHAPTER II.
In the lane leading to the cottage a lane of original forest trees
such as grow chiefly along the sandy slopes of the South, and where
the lands swell into little hills, having long central ridges �a young
man, some twenty-three years of age, was slowly making his way.
He was a goodly-looking youth, tall, well set, of graceful and easy
carriage, who seemed rather disposed to lounge than to walk, as if
disturbed with uncertain thoughts not yet resolved into a purpose.
He wore a dress which was decidedly Scotch �a tartan plaid suit
of that fashion, so well known of the time, "when George the Third
was king." It was close-fitting, and fully displayed the symmetry
of his figure. A good pair of Scottish legs, well formed, were con-
spicuous in the plaided stockings, and his small-clothes were of
plaid also, but of a different pattern. He wore no shawl or cloak;
only a doublet, not dissimilar to that of the blouse, but longer in
skirt, and more graceful; briefly, something of the well-known
hunting shirt, borrowed from our red men and mountaineers, in
part, and which was commonly known among our people as the
"split-shirt," because of the opening in front �a mere split, which
partially exhibited below a vest not unlike that of the present day,
but of enormous length, reaching, as was the fashion of the time,
almost to the hips. The costume was a modification of the European,
so as to suit the condition of the half-forest country in which the
wearer found his abode.
The stuff worn the tartan showed the youth to be of Scottish
origin. But his place of birth was Georgia. He carried a long rifle
on his shoulder, known and famous among the mountaineers of that
day in the South as the "Deckard" rifle. A brace of squirrels and
some birds swelled out the pouch at his girdle, and showed how
he had recently been employing himself, and with what success.