Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN19
"No, sir, not exactly."
"Well, yes, there may be a hair's breadth of difference between
you. He'll split the hair with you, and be reconciled!"
"Do not drive him from us," was the whispered sentence of
Cameron, as he drew the old man to the window, where he en-
deavored to soothe his anger. The youth continued as if there had
been no interruption.
"It is true that the people threaten, and I disapprove of that;
but, sir, is it not true that they too have been, and still are,
threatened with the rod of power? and to you, sir," addressing
Cameron, "I beg to put a single question."
"Well, Mr. Walter."
"Are you not even now stirring up the red men of the mountains
to descend upon this people? Have you not been addressing them
with speeches meant to goad them into fury, and ally them in arms
against the people of this colony? You have supplied them but
lately with arms and ammunition "
"And why not, sir?" cried the impatient father. "All manner
of warfare is legitimate against rebellion! Rebellion, sir, is the
crime against God himself, and every agent, and every instrument
we can bring to bear against it, is properly employed in maintaining
the divine right!"
Again Cameron led the old man away to the window, where
Browne seized upon him, while Cameron answered the charges of
the young man.
"My dear Mr. Walter, you are entirely misinformed. You
must not listen to such idle stories, which have been gotten up in
Charleston to drive that honorable gentleman, Colonel Stuart, out
of the country. They would drive me out also; and these stories
are the Raw-Head-and-Bloody-Bones fictions, meant to awaken the
terrors of the people, and force them into the embraces of the
rebels. There is no truth in them. My official position compels
me to constant intercourse with the red men, and I urge them all
the while to be pacific. As for arms and ammunition, they have
no more than the annual allowance which has been given them
for the last seven years and more. Are you satisfied?"