Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 40JOSCELYN
"Not by me, I can tell him. I can't forgive him that following
me with his eyes, and looking so into mine, with such a stare, as
if he wanted to eat me up the poor, miserable `dot-and-go-one'
that he is!"
"Angey, my child," cried the old lady, indignantly, laying down
her knitting in her lap, and looking at her artful daughter with
eyes of equal displeasure and surprise "what possesses you to
speak in such language of so good and noble a gentleman as
Stephen Joscelyn, and one to whom we owe so much? Do you
know what he has done for us, Angey?"
"Yes, I know, mother; but that gives him no right to think
of me."
"I don't know that, Angey; but I do know that it makes it a
duty with all of us to think kindly and gratefully, and even lov-
ingly of him. He has been the best of teachers for you and Grace,
"Well, but you have paid him, mother."
"Money cannot pay for all sorts of obligations, nor have I ever
been called upon to pay Stephen, even in money, what I should
have had to pay other persons for the ' same services. You must
not forget that when your poor father died, it was Stephen Joscelyn
who settled up the affairs of the estate, collected the debt, put the
farm in order, and for more than two years superintended every-
thing, and never once asked or received a copper for all these
services. Had I got any other lawyer, he'd have sweated the
property down, I tell you, one-half."
"But he's lived with us all that time has had board and lodg-
ing free."
"You silly child; you perverse ! When will you come to your
senses, and see things as you ought to see them?
"I'll never see Stephen Joscelyn with your eyes or Grace's."
"I wish you could ! "
"Let Grace marry him if she pleases, and she looks at him now
as if she were not unwilling "
"Hush, Angelica ! You have no right to speak thus of your
sister. I wish you were more like her. If you would look more
into her eyes, and less in the looking glass, you'd be a more
sensible child. But remember one thing : whatever you may think