Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription CHAPTER V.
Dick Marvin and his son came along bright and early next morn-
ing, and found Stephen Joscelyn already in the saddle. There was
quite a cavalcade, proposing the same progress. Dick had mustered
some half dQzen of his neighbors, who, with their sons, all mounted,
and some of the boys riding double, were all as eager as Dick himself
to acquire political wisdom. There was Hal Watson, and Sam Perk-
ins, and Sam Cochran, and others, hard-riding fellows, farmers and
graziers, a very fair representation of the yeomanry of the precinct.
They took their way by the Galphin and Redclyffe settlements,
beautifully planted along the heights looking over the Savannah
River to Augusta; and it required no long time, on fleet horses, to
reach the river and cross at the "Sand Bar Ferry."
The party discoursed together as they proceeded, and Dick Marvin
was especially anxious, riding close beside Stephen Joscelyn, to be-
guile or provoke him into speech upon the topics of the day. The
rest of the company were quite as solicitous to hear, Stephen Joscelyn
being an oracle among them all. But he was not in the vein, and
probably thought it better that they should first be prepared by the
arguments and evidence which Drayton was expected to deliver. He
waived the subject, accordingly, but skillfully, and contented himself
simply with throwing out certain leading ideas and passing sugges-
tions, meant rather to promote than to satisfy curiosity. As they
drew nigh to Augusta, the party rapidly increased in numbers. Men
joined them, riding in from all quarters, and all on horseback all
good riders and well mounted. Stephen Joscelyn beheld them with
flashing eyes. He said to Marvin :
"Dick, I asked you yesterday if you could ride?"
"And I told you, Stephen, I couldn't do much of anything else.
But you know'd that before; and what made you ask?"