Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 52JOSCELYN
here, I should have never known a syllable of the gathering, or of
the political and oratorical treat which we are promised."
"Ah! Dick, how are you, old fellow?"
"Bright, Martin, as a bee in an apple blossom. How's you?"
"All of a sparkle."
"That's sensible, and answers to the sunshine. We're gwine to
have tall talking to-day, Martin. Has he come?"
"Who else but the Judge, Drayton?"
"Here he comes now, in Captain Hammond's carriage."
"Let me have a peep at him. There ! "
The whole party pressed forward. The troop of Hammond was
surrounded, and suddenly, the signal given by Captain Hamilton,
his sturdy Georgians sent up a wild halloo, lengthening into huzzas
that filled the welkin for five minutes, and provoked a thousand
echoes from more distant throats, which joined in the music, from
the mere love of it, without knowing what was the particular occa-
sion for it.
Drayton rose gracefully, and bowed, hat off, on each side of the
beleaguered carriage. The party of Stephen Joscelyn now com-
manded a full view of him.
"He's a mighty good-looking chap," said Marvin, "and seems as
if he could do mighty handsome talking; but he looks a leetle too
young, I'm a thinking. He kaint be over thirty, ef that."
"He's about thirty-five."
"And he's been a Jedge in our Israel, a'ready ! "
"And a good one, too, Dick. He's got the old head on the young
"It's a pretty big head, too, Stephen, much like your own, though
yours is much the biggest; but he wears his hairs in curls, like a
woman, and how I hate them cussed twists and ties at the back of
the head, and that white flour in the hair."
"It's the fashion, Dick."
"Dem sick a fashion, I say ! How much better now, would he look
ef he'd jest let his hair alone, as you do, or crop it short like mine,
and only stick his fingers through it of a morning. I don't see the
use of combs, when a fellow's got his own ten fingers."