Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN
she spoke, and with such an outburst of passion as to confound all
present, and especially the party to whom her speech was a reply.
"Ha! ha! ha! You to speak of Walter Dunbar in terms of pity!
You ! You! He is as much above you in mind as in body! You to
speak of him as a pitiful fellow! You! He shall know what you have
dared to say ! Pitiful fellow ! "
Her face was inflamed with passion. She had lost all power of self-
control, and, stamping with her foot, as she spoke, she continued to
launch at him language pregnant with all the bitterness in her vo-
"My child! my child!" cried the mother, starting to her feet, and
rushing towards her, "my poor child, you are crazy ! "
"Neither crazy, nor crooked ! " was the reply, at which her sister
clasped her hands together and exclaimed :
"Oh! sister! Oh ! Angelica ! what have you said?"
"What you cannot gainsay what is true ! neither crooked nor
crazy ! and for such as he�ha! ha! ha ! "
With a look of scorn and loathing, she flung wide the door, and
darted through it in the direction of her chamber.
The mother followed her.
It was in utter dismay and consternation, rather than anger, that
Stephen said to the elder sister :
"What does all this mean, Grace? What have I said?"
She came to him, caught his arm in her grasp, and in a flood of
tears exclaimed :
"Oh! forgive her, Stephen. You did not know you did not
know ! "
"Know what? I know nothing."
"She is engaged to Walter Dunbar. She was engaged more than
a week ago."
His arms suddenly dropped beside him. His head sank forward
but only for a moment. He stood erect in the second instant after.
"I forgive her ! " he said, solemnly. "I forgive her! May God help
her and preserve her�and�forgive her even as I do ! "
And pressing his lips upon the brow of Grace, with all a father's
tenderness, he quietly left the apartment, wearing a wonderful look
of calm and quietness.