Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Joscelyn: A Tale of the Revolution >> Chapter XIV: Brother and Sister >> Page 143

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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN143
"Do I not know it? I love the dog as if he were my own brother.
I believe that but for him and you, I should not now be a living
"And Aunt Janet, Walter. Do not forget her, and her good
"Dear old aunty ! But I must consult her about this visit to
"Why consult anybody in respect to a matter which your own feel-
ings ought to decide upon in an instant?"
"True ! very true ! What was I thinking of?"
"There is your error, Walter! It is your weakness. You are too
apt to consult your books and other people; and you deliberate so
long you have such a habit of deliberating you know "
"That the day escapes me, you would say, while I speculate upon
the sunshine. And there is too much truth in what you say ! "
"Go and see Angelica ! You are now quite strong enough for that,
and with her for a while, and a little birding and fishing, when love-
making becomes insipid, you will relieve it from all monotony."
"And I am to abandon the field wholly to this fellow, Annie? Is
that what you are after?"
"What field what fellow?"
"This Alison, who threatens to usurp all the rights of our poor
"Pooh!�for a grown man, Walter, you are a great blockhead!
Martin can take care of himself "
"And you, too."
"I hope so, when the time comes. Meanwhile, be sure of this �I
shall amply protect his rights, in the assertion of my own. Have no
fears of this visitor, and beware of any collision with him, if only on
our father's account. Make your preparations, and set off for Beach
Island as soon as possible. You are now well enough, and will hardly
be excused if you delay your visit much longer."
"I will try horseback riding to-morrow," said he; "a few days of
exercise, in an hour's canter at a time, will find me again at home in
the saddle, and, somewhere about the close of the week, I will ride
over to Beach Island. By the way, the last note from Angelica had
something in it like a reproach of yourself, Annie. It exhibited some
pique. What is it?"