Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN157
"So there are ! " exclaimed Alison, with well-acted surprise; then
added quickly "and, by the way, I did distinguish the servant girl,
Flora. I saw her, apparently on the watch, under the apple tree, just
before the gate."
"The Jezabel! I must see to her! She shall answer ! What!
Treachery in my own household! Walter Dunbar shall answer this
shall tell me all, and so shall the wench. I will have it out of them,
though I have to tear it out of their very hearts."
"Softly, softly, my dear sir. This will never do. It is the worst
policy to let those parties know that they are suspected. It is better
that we should discover their game, without seeming to overlook
their hands. More of this hereafter. In the meanwhile, it is my
policy to change my quarters as soon as possible. I shall do so this
very night, taking a trip down to the heads of Ashley, where I shall
hope to see or hear from Lord William."
"Don't forget the commission."
"Do you persist, sir, in that?"
"Do I live? Will I eat, drink, sup, sleep, swear, fight when the
need calls for it?"
"But you will not be needed, sir. Your age
"It is not infirmity, Major Alison. Do not fear for me, Major. I
can ride as well as ever. You do what I request what, indeed, I
have the right to demand. It is, perhaps, proper that you should go
from hence for a while, especially if the rebels are really busied in
my own household. But I will see to them."
"Do nothing rashly ! Our fruit is not yet ripe. We must not move
till his Majesty's fleet is known to be upon the coast, and his armies
prepared to effect a landing. A blow then, simultaneously struck,
in the highlands, the middle country and the seaboard, will strike off
at once all the heads of the hydra ! "
"It is an admirable arrangement ! "
"Keep watch here; discover what you can, but do not suffer your
watch to be suspected. One thing, however, you can do, as regards
your son."
"Ah! yes!�my son! I should like to have your counsels about
him! I confess he puzzles me."
"Send him hence ! Send him up to your kinsman, Kirkland. There
he will be in good hands. He is here under evil influences. I am told