Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 162JOSCELYN
able ! I couldn't rest, until mamma took me up to town; and, after
we got there got to the very door to be turned away, and not let
to see you! It was shocking, Walter ! Mamma was very much in-
sulted, and so was I, Walter! I really felt as if I could have slapped
the face of that crumpsey old maid; and if he had not been your
father, Walter, I'd have"
"Pulled his hair, of course ! "
"Yes, indeed! I was very much provoked to do so, anyhow ! "
"But you'll forgive them all, Angey, since they have made me
"No, I won't!�not in a hurry, at least; for why should I and
mamma not be permitted to make you well? I had as much right to
be with you as any aunt and sister in the world; and everybody knows
that mamma's one of the best nurses in all the country! No; it was
their own jealousy and spite, Walter; they are jealous of me, Walter.
They know that they don't and can't love you as much as I do, and
they hate me for it, Walter. That they do ! "
And she mingled these reproaches with alternate tears and laugh-
ter, and pretty petty changes of manner �a child caprice of poutings
and endearments, which men of sense will always tolerate in a beauty
of eighteen.
"Hate you! Pooh! pooh! Angey, what nonsense are you talking?
There never were more loving aunt and sister in the world. They
love you almost as much as I do."
"No, indeed, they love you! but they're jealous, too, because you
love me. They think you love me better than you love anybody be-
sides; and, is it not so, Walter? Now, tell me, is it not so? Don't you
love me more than anything in the world besides? Now tell me so,
if you wouldn't have me hate you, you great bear of a man."
She had her arms about his neck the while she spoke.
"Let go, you monkey ! You'll choke me ! "
"I mean to do it, if you don't say what I tell you ! "
"Oh! I'll say anything to get free from such a monkey ! There,
take that for your answer and that! and that! and that!"
It became her turn to cry out against suffocation, since his kisses,
for a brief space, completely silenced her prolonged strain of girlish
eloquence, by the simple stoppage of her mouth.