Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN165
He replied gravely :
"She certainly did the best for me, Mrs. Kirkland, and so did little
Annie. Never were persons more devoted. Day and night
"Oh! of course ! They deserve great credit, Walter; and we ought
certainly to be grateful to them, and to God, that you are well now."
"I am not yet strong enough," he said, "to be considered well;
and, if you will permit me, I will throw myself down upon your sofa
for a while. I feel myself quite tired."
"Oh! do so! I had forgot. And you rode over here since break-
"Before breakfast, ma'am."
"And you have eaten nothing? Bless me! How thoughtless I have
been and you, too, Angelica ! How could you keep Walter so long,
listening to your nonsense, and never once think of asking him if he
had had any breakfast?"
"Oh! I never thought of it, mamma. How foolish it was to start
before breakfast, Walter."
"Well, don't reproach him, since, I suppose, it was his anxiety to
see you that made him forget whether he had eaten or not. And
now, why don't you go and get him something?"
"Why, what shall I get him, mamma? What will you have, Wal-
ter? I really don't know, Walter, what we've got in the house."
"Oh! you good for nothing! I shall have to get Grace to see to it,
after all. You must have a biscuit, Walter, and some of Grace's
blackberry wine. Grace ! "
And, at this very moment, Grace presented herself, unsummoned,
preceded by a servant, bringing in a salver, with biscuits and the wine.
Gently and affectionately Grace came to him, and took his hand.
"Dear Walter, I am so glad to see you again. How do you feel?"
"Thank you, Grace, better. But do not expect me to rise for
awhile. I feel temporarily exhausted by my ride."
"Do not rise ! Take a cracker and swallow a cup of blackberry. It
is of my own making, but it is pretty good."
He drank the wine, approved of it, and took a biscuit. Grace
suddenly left the room, returning, a few minutes after, with a couple
of pillows.
"Put these under your head, Walter. There are no cushions to this