Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 238JOSCELYN
needle in a haystack."
"I know where to find him!" cried the other, hoarsely.
"But you must not find him, brother you must not seek him,"
cried the sister, again approaching the two. "Do not, I entreat you,
for my sake, take any step in this business either you or Martin. I
know �I see what you meditate. I know what the passions of men
are, and the false notions of what you call honor; but, mark me,
Martin Joscelyn, if you come to me with the blood of this man on
your hands, shed in personal combat, you shall never have hand of
mine never ! never ! "
"But, Annie," said the lover, beginning to expostulate.
"Never ! never ! "
"My dear Annie!"
"I have said it, Martin. Never, never will I give my hand in
marriage to one who seeks, or has sought, in single combat, the blood
of any fellow creature. It is bad enough if such deed be done in war
but in the duel ! Oh! Martin Joscelyn! solemnly, sadly, I tell you
now, that all must be at an end between us, unless you forego the
unlucky purpose which you have declared, and which I see is working
in the minds of both of you."
"But shall a man not defend himself?"
"Oh! Martin, do not trifle with me by such evasions. Surely he
must defend himself, as a man, if assailed. I do not speak of such a
case, nor is it such a case that you meditate. I say, if you seek this
man in any way to fight him, as an individual, for his offence to-night,
we part forever. Now, do you understand me?"
Martin would still have expostulated, but she waved him to si-
lence, while she turned to her brother. But he gave her no heed.
"Oh! brother, will you not hear me?"
only, and that it needs all possible dispatch. Do not trifle with this
sacred demand upon your duty."
The young man shook off her grasp, and paced the floor in silence.
Martin Joscelyn joined his entreaties to hers. He followed Walter,
caught his arm, took him into a corner of the room, and whispered
in his ears.
"Leave him to me! You have no time to waste upon him now. We
must wait. To hunt him up at present would be like looking for a