Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Joscelyn: A Tale of the Revolution >> Chapter XXVIII: Grace and Stephen >> Page 243

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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription JOSCELYN243
"He is gone with despatches from his father to certain parties in
the Highlands."
"Ha! what parties?"
"I do not know. I did not ask."
"Stop a bit, Martin." Then addressing his pupils, Stephen cried
out :
"Boys, you are dismissed for the day. Let me see you soon to-
They were gone, tumbling out headlong, and soon their whoops
and halloos tore the air without.
"And now," said Stephen to his brother, "were it possible, I should
put out with my troop, try and overhaul Master Walter Dunbar,
and see to the contents of the despatches he carries."
"Good God, Steve ! what is this?"
"War, Martin ! Have you heard the tidings? Have you seen Col.
Hammond, lately?"
"No! He is absent from Snow Hill."
"With his troop? Why are you not with him? But you will be
called out. Advices have just reached me which will require me, you,
and all of us, to take the field pretty soon. Maj or Williamson, with
three hundred of our men, Colonel Thompson, with his Rangers and
three hundred foot soldiers, and Colonel Richardson, with another
force of three hundred foot, are already on the march to meet the
King's men, as they call themselves, and Drayton's proclamation is
out denouncing them as enemies of the country."
"How do you hear all this, and we not a syllable in Augusta?"
"It is a secret with me why I should hear why you should not
have heard also, through Colonel Hammond, I do not see; for my
advices assure me that he will shortly take the field also, and I know
that he has received the intelligence. Captain Andrew Pickens is now
moving down to join him with his company, and Hammond's com-
pany will unite with Drayton. We are all to concentrate upon Kirk-
land, and take him front, flank and rear, and if he will only wait for
us, we'll do it."
"I must get back to Augusta, and put myself in readiness."
"You will find orders waiting you, I doubt not, as soon as you get