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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 274JOSCELYN
door behind her with the massive bar which was employed to cross it,
she threw some fresh brands on the fire, and the apartment was once
more lighted with a cheerful blaze.
"Now," said she, resuming the conversation, "you, young man, hev
got to tramp, and take the tramp afoot, may-be, for the rest of your
journey. You kain't be toting that heavy saddle-bag on your shoulder,
and kin leave it with me till you get a horse, whether it's your own
or another man's. Ef you could git to find my son, Clym, he'd help
you along, for I's give you my own mark to him, and a sign that
would put you on the right tarms with him, jest as soon as he seed it.
But the trouble's here �I don't suppose you know that jest now,
hardly ten miles from here, Ginrel Fletchall's got an army of ma-
leshy soldiers, and there's fifties of these Scoffilites among 'em. They
calls themselves "Loyalists," and "Saracents of the Crown," and
"King's Men," and "King George's Men," but they're Scoffil's men,
a good chaince of 'em, and devil's men, too. But they've got king's
officers among 'em, and there's bloody work, I reckon, jest to begin,
and there's no saying who's safe, of you once happen to fall in among
'em, promiscus-like. I reckon this horse-thief man is pushing, fast as
he kin, straight for their camp. He tried to see what you was when
he hurrah'd for the Crown."
The face of Walter brightened as he heard that the forces of
Fletchall, to whom one of his letters was addressed, were within ten
miles. A tramp of that small distance would, (as he fancied,) end
his embarrassments. The woman did not note the hopeful change in
his countenance. She continued:
"But Ginrel Fletchall hasn't got the thing all his own way, you
see, and Ginrel Drayton, with the patriots, is a pushing right up at
him, fast as he kin, from below, and there's no telling how soon
they'll all be fighting. They've fout some small skrimmages already.
Now, my son, Clym Carter, is on a scouting move for Ginrel Drayton
and Ginrel Richardson, and he's on the look out, you see, to cut off
recruits, fast as they push in; and if you'll jest take the track I give
you, and keep it for ten miles, there's a chance, and a good one too,
that you'll meet Clym Carter, and to make him know you,. I'll jest
give you my own sign and a token, which is as good as gouldr between