Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | The Reprint Company | 1975, 1976
Transcription 292JOSCELYN
Walter's cheeks flushed as he heard these words, and recalled his
own humiliation at the school-house.
Browne replied, scornfully:
"What! you! You confront me! Ha! ha! Get hence, fellow, to
your fellows; ' and beware how you cross my path ! "
"Remember what I say," retorted Stephen. "That I will cross
your path, you may be assured, and, as God is living above us, I hope
to make you remember the arm of the cripple to the latest moment
of your life."
"Be gone ! be gone ! " was the only answer, as Browne wheeled his
horse about, and confronted Fletchall and the sullen group about
At that moment, Walter, as a prisoner, now dismounted, was
brought forward by his captors. His sudden appearance, under the
circumstances, was quite a surprise to Stephen, who gave him but a
single look, and then rode off with his companion, escorted by a
small squad of his Beach Island troopers. They were all sturdy
fellows, and their bugler, a mere schoolboy, sounded a lively note of
defiance, as they wound upon their way along the hills.
"Who is this?" demanded Browne, as Walter stood before him.
Walter answered for himself.
"And what do you here?"
"I have letters for certain persons from my father."
"Give them to me."
"There are none for you."
"The letters, man no fooling here."
"The letters are for Col. Fletchall, Col. Cunningham, Mr. Came-
ron, Mr. Kearns, Mr. McLaurin, and others. There are none for
you, sir."
"Search him," was the order.
"It will not need. I see some of the parties present to whom they
are addressed. Here they are."
The package was snatched from his grasp by one of the soldiers,
and handed to Browne, who immediately tore wide the envelope, and
was about to tear open one of the letters.
"What are you about, sir?" demanded Walter, in tones of indig-
nation. "That letter is not for you. There is no letter for you in the