Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. A Tale of Passion. >> Chapter XIII >> Page 133

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Page 133

Novel (Romance) | Lea and Blanchard | 1842
Transcription BEAUCHAMPE, 133

must not be your language. Do you understand me, William ?"" In part, sir, but I do not see how I could have helped being what I am."" Perhaps not, because few have control of their own education. Your parents have been too tender for you. They have not lessoned you in that proper hardihood which leads to performance. That task is before yourself, and you have shrunk from the first lessons."" How, sir ?"
Instead of clinging to your Blackstone, you have al-lowed yourself to be seduced from its pages, by such at-tractions as usually delude boys. The eye and lip of a pretty woman--a bright eye and a rosy cheek, have diverted you from your duties."" But do our duties deny us the indulgence of proper sensibilities ?"
Certainly not�proper sensibilities, on the contrary, prescribe our duties."
But love, sir--is not love a proper sensibility ?"
In its place, it is. But you are a boy only. Do you suppose that it was ever intended that you should entertain this passion before you had learned the art of providing your own food ? Not so ; and the proof of this is to be found in the fact that the loves of boyhood are never of a permanent character. No such passion can promote happiness if it is indulged before the character of the par-ties is formed. I now tell you that in five years from this time you will probably have forgotten Miss Cooper."
Never ! never!"" Well, well---I go farther in my prophecy. Allow me to suppose you successful in your suit, which I fancy can never be the case�"
Why, sir, why '1"" Because she is not the girl for you�or rather, she does not think you the man for her !""But why do you think so, sir ?"" Because I know you both. There are circumstances of discrepancy between you which will prevent it, and even were you to be successful in your suit, which I am very sure will never be the case, you would be the most miserably matched couple under the sun."
VOL. I. 12