Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. A Tale of Passion. >> Chapter XIII >> Page 134

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Page 134

Novel (Romance) | Lea and Blanchard | 1842
Transcription 134 BEAUCHAMPE.

" Oh, sir, do not say so�do not. I cannot think so,
You will not think so, I am certain. I am equally
certain from what I know of you both, that you are secure
from any such danger. It is not my object to pursue this
reference, but let me ask you, William, looking at things
in the most favourable light, has Margaret Cooper ever
given you any encouragement ?"" I cannot say that she has, sir, but "
Nay, has she not positively discouraged you ? Does
she not avoid you�treat you coldly when you meet�say
little, and that little of a kind to denote�I will not say
dislike�but pride, rather than love ?"
The young man said nothing. The old one proceeded.
" You are silent and I am answered. I have long
watched your intercourse with this damsel, and loving
you as my own son, I have watched it with pain. She
is not for you, William. She loves you not. I am sure
of it. I cannot mistake the signs. She seeks other quali-
ties than such as you possess. She seeks meretricious
qualities, and yours are substantial. She seeks the pomps
of mind, rather than its subdued performances. She sees
not and cannot see your worth; and whenever you pro-
pose to her, your suit will be rejected. You have not done
so yet ?"
No, sir�but I had hoped "
I am no enemy, believe me, William, when I implore
you to discard your hope in that quarter. It will do you
no hurt. Your heart will suffer no detriment, but be as
whole and vigorous a few years hence�perhaps months
as if it had never suffered any disappointment."
I wish I could think so, sir."
And you would not wish that you could think so, if
you were not already persuaded that your first wish is
hopeless.""But I am not hopeless, sir."
Your cause is. But, promise me that you will not
press your suit at present."
The young man was silent.
You hesitate."
I dare not promise."
Ah, you are a foolish boy. Do you not see the rock