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Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. A Tale of Passion. >> Chapter XIII >> Page 135

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Novel (Romance) | Lea and Blanchard | 1842
Transcription BEAUCHAMPE. 135

on which you are about to split. You have never learned
how to submit. This lesson of submission was that which
made the Spartan boy famous. Here, you persist in your
purpose, though your own secret convictions, as well as
your friend's counsel, tell you that you strive against hope.
You could not patiently submit to the counsel of this stran-
ger, though he came directly from your parents armed with
authority to examine and to counsel."" Submit to him ! I would sooner perish !" exclaimed
the indignant youth.
You will perish unless you learn this one lesson. But
where now is your ambition, and what does it aim at
The youth was silent.
" The idea of an ambitious youth, at twenty, giving up
book and candle, leaving his studies and abandoning him-
self to despair, because his sweetheart won't be his sweet-
heart any longer, gives us a very queer idea of the sort of
ambition which works in his breast."" Don't sir, don't, I pray you, speak any more in this
Nay, but, William, ask yourself. Is it not a queer
idea ?
" Spare me, sir, if you love me."" I do love you, and to show you that I do, I now re-
commend to you to propose to Margaret Cooper."
What, sir, you do not think it utterly hopeless then ?"
Yes, I do."" And you would have me expose myself to rejection ?"" Exactly so I"" Really, sir, I do not understand you."" Well, I will explain. Nothing short of rejection will
possibly cure you of this malady ; and it is of the last
importance to your future career, that you should be freed
as soon as possible from this sickly condition of thought
and feeling´┐Ża condition in which your mind will do no-
thing, and in which your best days will be wasted. Black-
stone can only hope to be taken up when you have done
with her."" Stay, sir, that is she below.""Who?"
66 Who is with her ?"