Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. A Tale of Passion. >> Chapter IV >> Page 41

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Novel (Romance) | Lea and Blanchard | 1842
Transcription BEAUCHAMPE. 41
have submitted to the sin. It is by submission only that
you can be made strong. The burden which you are
prepared to bear meekly, becomes light to the willing
spirit. Come, dear Margaret, I will keep with you, sit by
you�show you, and all, that 1 forget your sin and re-
member only your suffering."
The good widow spoke with the kindest tones. She
threw her arms around the neck of the desolate one and
kissed her with the affection of a sister ; but the demon
of pride was uppermost. She withstood entreaty and
"I cannot go with you. I thank you, truly thank you,
dear Mrs. Thackeray, but I cannot go. I have neither the
courage nor the strength."" They will come�the courage and the strength,--only
try. God is watchful to give us help the moment he sees
that we really seek his assistance. By prayer, Marga-
re t--"
I will pray, but I must pray alone. Among the hills
I will pray. My prayer will not be less acceptable offered
among his hills. My voice will not remain unheard,
though no chorus swells its appeal."
Margaret, this is pride."
Perhaps !"
Ali ! go with me and pray for humility ?"" My prayer would rather he for death."" Say not so, Margaret�this is impiety."
Ay, death ! The peace, the quiet of the grave�of a
long sleep�an endless sleep ; where the vulture may no
longer gnaw the heart, nor the fire burn within the brain.
For these I must pray." And thus speaking, the unhappy
woman smote her throbbing head with violent hand.
Shocking thought ! But you do not believe in such a
sleep ? Surely, Margaret, you believe in life eternal ?"
Would I did not !""Oh, Margaret!�but you are sick. You are very
feverish. Your eyeballs glare like coals of fire�your
face seems charged with blood. I am afraid you are going
to have another attack like the last."
Be not afraid. I have no such fear."
I will sit with you, at least," said the kindhearted
Nay, that I must positively forbid, Mrs. Thackeray ;