Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. A Tale of Passion. >> Chapter X >> Page 86

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Novel (Romance) | Lea and Blanchard | 1842
Transcription 86 BEAUCHAMPE.

ought to be by this time. She's old enough to have the
sense of two young women at least."
Old !" exclaimed Beauchampe. " The lady I saw
was not old, certainly."
The suggestion seemed to give the young man some
annoyance, which the gentlehearted Mary hastened to
She is not old, Orville ; Jane .how can you say so ?
You know that Miss Cooke can hardly be over twenty-
one, or two, even if she's that."
Well, and ain't that old. You, Mary, are sixteen only,
and I'm but seventeen and three months. But I'm cer-
tain she's twenty-five if she's a day."
The subject is one fruitful of discussion where ladies
are concerned. Beauchampe having experience of the two
sisters, quietly sat and listened ; and by the use of a mo-
derate degree of patience, soon contrived to learn all that
could be known of that neighbour who, it appears, had
occasioned quite as great a sensation in the bosoms of the
sisters, though of a very different sort, as her momentary
presence had inspired in his own. The two girls, repre-
senting extremes, were just the persons to give him a rea-
sonable idea of the real facts in the case of the person un-
der discussion. It may be unnecessary to add, that the
result was, to increase the mystery, and heighten the
curiosity which the young man now felt in its solution.

WHEN the first sensations following the return of our
hero to his home and family had somewhat subsided, the
enthusiastic and excitable nature of the former naturally
led him to dwell upon the image of that strange lady,
whose sudden appearance seemed to harmonize so sin-
gularly with the ideal of his waking dream. The very
morning after his arrival, he sallied forth at an early hour,
with his gun in hand, ostensibly with a view to birding,
but really to catch some glimpse of the mysterious lady.
For this purpose, as all the neighbourhood and neigh-