Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The History of South Carolina, From Its First European Discovery to Its Erection into a Republic >> Chapter XIII >> Page 142

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Page 142

History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
ginning of the action, the flag staff was shot away. The
flag of Carolina, in her first battle for independence, was
a simple stripe of blue cloth, bearing a silver crescent.
Sergeant Jasper, of the grenadiers, immediately leaped
over, upon the beach, and, amid the hottest fire of the foe,
recovered the ensign, ascended the merlon and deliberate-
ly restored it to its place. Another brave man, sergeant
Macdonald, mortally wounded by a cannon-ball, still con-
tinued to cry aloud to his comrades to maintain the lib-
erties of his country. His words of patriotic exhorta-
tion, coupled with his name, have survived his own suf-
ferings and the thunders of that fearful day.