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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription APPENDIX.239
an absence of forty-seven years. His arrival hailed with great enthusiasm and many honors. Has a private interview with colonel Huger, who distinguished himself, while yet a youth, in an effort to set LaFayette free from the dungeons of Olrutz. General C. C. Pinckney dies August 16th, 1825.
1826-8. John Taylor governor. Legislature passes resolutions December 12, 1827, against the tariff laws of the United States. The commissioners of free schools report the establishment of eight hundred and ninety-two schools within the state, in which eight thousand eight hundred and thirty-four scholars are taught, at an annual cost of $36,580.
1828-30. Stephen D. Miller governor. The free school report for 1828 lessens the number of schools to eight hundred and forty, but increases the number of pupils to nine thousand and thirty-six ; the cost for which is also increased to $39,716. South Carolina legislature passes resolutions against the United States tariff, December 15th, 1828, and enters protest December 19th, 1828.
1830-2. James Hamilton Jr. governor. 1832. Medical College of the state of South Carolina incorporated. Goes into successful operation in 1833. Great debate in congress between Hayne of South Carolina and Webster of Massachusetts, on the subject of State rights and federal relations, January 21, 1830. South Carolina makes a declaration of state rights and enacts an ordinance to nullify the operation of the act of congress imposing duties, &c. December, 17th, 1830.
1833-4. Robert Y. Hayne governor. Andrew Jackson, president of the United States, issues a proclamation denunciatory of the nullification proceedings of South Carolina. Is answered by the governor's proclamation asserting the sovereignty of the state, &c.
1834-6. George McDuffiie governor. The annual report of the commissioners of free schools for 1835 makes the number of schools seven hundred and nine, in which eight thousand four hundred and seventy-five scholars are taught, at a cost of $33,631.
1836-8. Pierce M. Butler governor. Report of free school commissioners makes the number of schools six hundred and ninety-