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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 330APPENDIX.

five ; of scholars six thousand seven hundred and eighteen, and
cost $33,634. Great Western rail-road chartered.
1838-40. Patrick Noble governor. Legislative committee reports
at the session of 1839, a statement of the condition of the Banks of
South Carolina as follows:-
Bank of Charleston,July 1$2,938,125$761,826$6939902$516,762 33
Bank ofthe Sta.of S.C.Oct. 11,156,318 48563,270612,28945291,180 40
S.lvestern R.R. Bank,Oct. 1193619421 78419,13069,07261185,001 03
State Bank,---Oct.161,000,000125,7625070,6074821,352 68
Merch'tsBankCheraw,Oct.31480,000410,15928,0243083,782 65
Bank of Camden, -Oct.31315,94075272,95046,8676570,704 44
Bank of Georgetown,Nov. 1200,000173,66629,7293946,775 88
Com'l Bank Columbia," 5800,000436,76053,62270184,667 34
Union Bank, ---" 51,000,00034,69667158,1222383,090 56
Bank of So. Carolina." 61,000,000346,395183,1501081,346 06
Planters & Mech'cs B." 81,000,000458,935355,00603168,061 44
Bank of Hamburg, -" 12438,500495,54560,85798123,388 75
11,610,305 014,499,095 172,401,252 041,856,143 56

Same session (1839) returns of the state census make the free
white inhabitants as follows :-
Spartanburg,--17,847Darlington, -6,029
St. Philip andSt. Michael, 15,661Lexington, -5,846
Pickens, -11,491Kershaw,-3,947
York, --11,173Horry,--3,930
Barnwell,10,978Williamsburg, -2,687
Chester, -9,349St. James, Goose Creek,1,302
Fairfield,9,152St. John's Berkley,812
Sumter, -8,916St. John's, Colleton, -679
Marion, -8,291St. Stephen's,-390
Newberry,8,286St. James' Santee,283
In the same session (1839) the committee on education, to which was referred the reports of the commissioners of free schools, for the several districts and parishes in this state, beg leave to report : That the subjoined schedule contains the number of schools established or assisted, the number of scholars taught, and the sums of money expended :-