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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 332APPENDIX.
small respects inaccurate�newspaper reports having been relied on.

November 25th, 1839. Great State Agricultural Convention assembles in Columbia and transacts business as follows :�

In accordance with the wishes of the people of most of the districts in our state, the Delegates to the Convention assembled in the Hall of the House of Representatives, on the evening of Monday, November 25th.

On motion of Dr. R. W. Gibbes, WHITFIELD BROOKS, Esq. was
requested to take the chair, which he did. Dr. Gibbes having been called upon to act as Secretary, the meeting was organized.

The delegates having been called upon to register their names, the following gentlemen appeared and took their seats.
From Marlborough.�James Gillespie, W. T. Ellerbe, John McQueen.

From Chesterfield.�Thomas E. Powe, J. Wright.

From Marion.�Thomas Evans, William Evans, B. Moody. From Edgefield.--W. Brooks, James Terry, A. P. Butler, J. O. Nicholson.
From Darlington. Thomas E. McIver, W. H. Cannon, Sen., W. Wingate, Thomas P. Lide, J. F. Ervin.

From Fairfield.�J. J. Myers, J. B. Davis, W. K. Davis, J. H. Means, Edward Means, D. Elkin.

From Chester.�T. W. Moore, J. D. Crawford.

From Richland.�F. H. Elmore, Robert We Gibbes, James Gregg, Robert Henry.

From Sumter.�John P. Richardson, James B. Richardson, D. St. P. DuBose, Thomas J. Wilder, Isaac Lenoir, J. W. English.

From Anderson and Pickens.�J. W. Norris, J. P. Reed, J. N. Garvin, Jesse M'Kinney, Thomas Pinckney.

From Spartanburgh.�H. H. Thompson, John Crawford, John W. Hunt, Samuel N. Evans, William K. Poole.
From Orange and St. Matthews.�John M. Felder, S. Glover, S. B. Dwight, Jacob Stroman, Elisha Tyler, D. F. Jamison.