Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 333
From Lancaster.�Benjamin Massey, J. P. Crocket, M. Clinton, John M. Baskin, William Reed.
From Abbeville.�John A. Calhoun, P. F. Moragne, A. B. Arnold, James Fair, D. L. Wardlaw, George McDuffie.
From Newberry.�Simeon Fair. From Greenville.�Bannister Stone.
From Barnwell. �Charles R. Carroll, J. H. Hammond, W. S.
Reynolds, W. Gilmore Simms, James D. Erwin.
From Lexington.�J. A. Addison, L. Pou, J. C. Geiger, W. F. Percival, L. Boozer, H. J. Caughman.
From St. Philip's and St. Michael's.�F. D. Quash, W. Washing-ton.
From St. John's, Berkley.�John H. Dawson, P. P. Palmer.
From St. Andrew's.�W. Lawton, B. R. Carroll, William J. Bull.
From St. John's, Colleton.�W. M. Murray, J. Jenkins Mikell. From St. Helena Island.�J. A. Scott.
From Prince Williams.�John E. Frampton.
From Prince George, Winyaw.�R. F. W. Allston.
From All Saints.�B. F. Dunkin.
On motion of B. R. Carroll, Esq. Colonel F. H. ELIVIORE was unanimously elected President of the convention, and a committee of three designated to attend him to the chair.
The president having addressed the convention, and stated that the meeting was ready to receive resolutions, Dr. James B. Davis proposed the following resolution, which was passed.
Resolved, That the president appoint four vice presidents for this convention. Whereupon the following gentlemen were appointed :
CoL. R. F. W. ALLSTON, of Prince George, Winyaw. GEN. GEORGE McDUFFIE, of Abbeville.
GEN. JAMES GILLESPIE, of Marlborough.
WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Esq., of Beaufort.
B. R. Carroll, Esq. introduced the following resolution, which was carried.
Resolved, That a committee of fifteen be appointed, to arrange business for the convention.