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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 334APPENDIX.
The chair then named the following gentlemen:
B. R. CARROLL, of St. Andrews.
W. T. ELBEREE, of Marlborough.
THOMAS EVANS, of Ma7ion.
WILLIAM H. CANNON, of Darlington.
JAMES B. DAvIS, of Fairfield.
J. GREGG, of Richland.
W. REYNOLDS, of Barnwell.
J. P. RICHARDSON, of Sumter.
A. B. ARNOLD, of Abbeville.
J. H. HAMMOND, of Barnwell.
F. D. QUASH, of St. Philip and St. Michael.
J. A. SCOTT, of St. Helena Island.
B. F. DUNKIN, of All Saints.
W. BROOxs, of Edgefield.
B. MASSEY, of Lancaster.
Dr. Davis moved that the committee be allowed until 6 o'clock to-morrow evening to prepare their report, which was agreed to.
On motion of Charles R. Carroll, Esq. the convention adjourned till 6 o'clock on Tuesday evening.
TUESDAY, Nov. 26, 1839.
The convention met, agreeably to appointment, at 6 o'clock. The minutes of the first meeting were read. On motion of H. J. Caughman, Esq.
It was resolved, that delegates who are present, who have not registered their names in the secretary's book, be requested to do so.
The following gentlemen appeared, enrolled their names, and took their seats.
From Fairfield.�W. J. Allston, John M. Robertson, Burrel B. Cook.
From Sumter.�Hon. J. S. Richardson.
From Anderson.� J. B. Reed, J. E. Calhoun.
From Richland.�R. H. Goodwyn, D. D. Finley.
From Edgefield. �M. Watson.
From Lexington.�H. Arthur.
From Union.TZ. P. Herndon.
From Prince George, Winyaw.�Thomas G. Carr.