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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription APPENDIX.339
be published in the state, having for their object the diffusion of all matters pertaining to agriculture.
J. E. Calhoun, Esq., moved to lay on the table the last two resolutions relating to agricultural papers, which motion was rejected.
General J. H. Adams called for a division of the question on Dr. Davis' resolutions, and that the first resolution be considered separately, which was agreed to, and the resolution adopted, viz :
Resolved, That a state agricultural society be formed forthwith to meet in Columbia.
Dr. Davis then moved,
That a committee of nine be appointed by the chair, to report to this convention, to-morrow evening, a proper plan for the organization of a state society, and that the remaining six resolutions of Dr. Davis be referred to them. Agreed to.
B. B. Cook, Esq. moved,
That this convention recommend to the legislature to require the several tax collectors of this state, to take a return, annually, of the sums paid by each person in their respective districts and parishes, for western produce, viz : for hogs, horses and mules, and make a return thereof to such officer as they may direct. This resolution was adopted, and, on motion of major Felder, his resolution was taken up and referred to the committee ofnine.
The president announced the following gentlemen to compose the committee.
DR. JAMES B. DAVIS, of Fairfield,
HON. J. P. RICHARDSON, of Sumter,
HoN. B. F. DUNKIN, of All Saints,
HON. JAMES GREGG, of Richland,
HoN. R. F. W. ALLSTON, of Prince George, Winyaw, COL. THOMAS PINCKNEY, of Pendleton,
W. Bnooxs, Esq., of Edgefield,
W. GILMORE SIMMS, Esq., of Barnwell.
The president read a communication from Dr. S. Blanding, pre-renting two copies of the New England Farmer, from Mr. J. Breen, of Boston, which was referred to the committee of nine.