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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription APPENDIX.341
apprenticeship in no case to be less than three, nor more than seven years�unless in the case of such youth as may be already greatly advanced towards the years and purposes of manhood, and who, at the discretion of the commissioners, may be received for a still shorter period.
Be it recommended yet farther, that, on the same plantation or tract of land, but removed from close proximity to the dwellings and the school house of the boys, there be erected suitable houses for the reception and accommodation of poor girls, who sha-A be placed under the tuition of one or more female superintendants, from whom they shall learn the ordinary elements of a plain English education�and in addition, such duties of a farm and household, as commonly devolve upon females in our country�that they shall spin, weave and sew ; attend to poultry and the dairy, the culture of the silk-worm, if it be deemed advisable, and be taught also to fashion and make their own and the habits of the boys�the latter, in turn, performing all those severer labors of the plantation as will yield sufficient food and provision for both establishments.
Be it farther recommended, that, in addition to the studies of the ordinary English grammar school, the master of the male department shall be required to instruct his pupils in a competent knowledge of simple land surveying.
It is recommended, also, that the dress of the boys be made uniform, and that the elder boys, ranging from the years of fifteen to eighteen, be provided with light muskets, and be subjected to the drill and instruction, once a month, of the neighborhood captain of militia.
Resolved, That these recommendations be respectfully submitted to the general assembly, with the prayer of this convention, that they be subjected to examination and experiment, in three of the districts of the state, in order that their operation may be witnessed previous to their general adoption as a system for all the districts. That, in order that the experiment should be fairly made, the districts so chosen, should lie, one in each of the grand divisions of the state, the upper, the middle and the lower country ; and that the present commissioners of the districts chosen, be requested to take charge of the entire subject.