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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 344APPENDIX.
FRIDAY, Nov. 29th, 1839.
The convention convened this evening at the hour appointed. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read.
The president called for reports of committees.
General McDufie submitted, from the committee ofnine, the form of a constitution for a state agricultural society, and several resolutions.
The constitution having been discussed and amended, was adopted. The resolutions were also adopted, as follows :
1. Resolved, That the president be allowed time to nominate the committees, and that he do appoint a committee to select the best essay on the cultivation of rice and cotton, respectively; each of such essays to embrace a complete manual, of suitable size, exhibiting the whole economy of a plantation; comprehending management of negroes, rearing of stock, and improvement of lands, and that he do provide a suitable premium for the same.
2. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to memorialize the legislature to grant an annual donation of the sum of five hundred dollars. for the term of three years, to aid the society in providing its premiums.
3. That this society do request the members from the several districts, to use their exertion to have local societies formed in each district, to be affiliated with this society´┐Żand that it be recommended to such local societies, to offer premiums for the best managed plantation in their respective districts, as well as for superiority in particular departments and products.
The committee ask leave to report on Mr. Felder's resolution´┐Ż-
That while they consider the resolution as of vast importance to the true interest of the agricultural community, they are yet of opinion, that none of its importance will escape the reflection or elude the vigilance of the legislature. They deem it advisable, therefore, to leave it to the ordinary legislation, in the confidence and hope that they will give it the consideration which its importance demands.
The committee recommend the following gentlemen as officers of the state agricultural society.