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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription APPENDIX.347
unjust, inasmuch as they impose upon the owner of male slaves, and those residing nearest the chief market roads, the burtherl of keeping in repair the public highways�exonerating all other classes�the merchants, the stock jobbers, and the speculators of every cast, from their just share of this burthen.
Be it therefore Resolved, That in the opinion of this convention, it is the duty of the legislature, either to remedy the defects of the present system, or to substitute another and better in its stead.
Maj. J. M. Felder moved the following resolutions, which he pro-posed to lay on the table, with the consent of the convention.
Resolved, That as the agricultural interests generally become the first victims of a fluctuating, disordered and corrupt currency, the legislature be respecfully requested to take such measures, as will restore and secure to this state, a sound and stable currency.
Resolved, That as one step towards this desirable result, the legislature be respectfully solicited to restrain all banks from issuing any bank bills of a less denomination than five dollars.
Resolved, That this convention solemnly protest against borrowing any money or issuing any more bonds or stocks on the credit and faith of the state; and if any more money must be raised for the necessary purposes of an economical government, that the same be raised by a direct tax on the people.
B. R. Carroll, Esq. submitted the following resolution, which was adopted.
Resolved, That the committee of three be appointed to memorialize the legislature of this state, on the different subjects recommended and acted upon by this convention,
The president named the following gentlemen as the committee.
Mr. Davis proposed the following resolutions.
Resolved, That copies of the proceedings of this convention be furnished by the secretary, to the Carolinian and Telescope news-papers of this town, for publication, and that the principal papers of this state, friendly to the interests of agriculture, be requested to copy them into their columns.
The president of the convention having retired,
On motion of B. R. Crrroll, Esq., CoL. J. IH. HAMMOND was re-
quested to take the chair, which having been done,