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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 348APPENDIX.
On motion of Dr. W. S. Reynolds, it was,
Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be presented to the Hon. Mr. Elmore, for the courtesy and impartiality with which he has presided over its deliberations--and also to Dr. R. W. Gibbes, for his diligence, industry and general attention to the wants and wishes of the convention.
Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be returned to the House of Representatives for the use of their Hall,
These resolutions were unanimously adopted.
The president having made his acknowledgements to the convention, expressed the interest he felt in the objects of the convention, and recommended an earnest, united and persevering attention to these objects.
On motion, the Society then adjourned.
R. W. GIBBES, Secretary.

We, the undersigned, do hereby form ourselves into an association, to be devoted to the improvement of the agriculture and agricultural economy of the state.
1st. The association shall be styled, The State Agricultural Society of South Carolina.
2nd. Its objects shall be strictly agricultural and rural.
3d. All persons subscribing ant] paying to the treasurer the sum of five dollars, shall be eligible as members,
4th. The society will receive, as members, (at its annual meeting,) one delegate from a district or neighborhood society.
5th. There shall be a President, five Vice Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer, and an Anniversary Orator, who shall be annually elected by the society.
6th. The society shall meet annually, in the town of Columbia, during the first week of the session of the legislature ; at which time there shall be an exhibition and cattle show for premiums.
7th. A quorum of the society shall consist of not less than twenty members, including the president or a vice president.