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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription APPENDIX.349
8th. The president shall preside at all meetings, and in his absence a vice president.
9th. The president, with a majority of the vice presidents, shall have power to call special meetings of the society ; but such meeting shall be announced in one or more of the agricultural papers of the state, at least thirty days before the time at which it is t o be held.
10th. The committees shall be appointed by the president.
11th. There shall be a committee on cotton, whose province it shall be to collect all facts relative to the growing crop, the amount produced, the kind most profitable, together with such observations thereto relating, as may be useful to the society, and to award such premiums as may be provided for by the society.
12th. There shall be similar committees on rice, corn and small grain, with similar powers and duties.
13th. There shall be a committee on stock, whose duty it shall be to report the best mode of rearing, the best variety, and to examine and award at the show the premiums for the same.
14th. It shall be the duty of the president to publish, six months before the meeting, the kind and age ofthe stock to be shown, also of the products to be exhibited, and to specify in said notice the respective premiums.
15th. The society, in prescribing premiums for stock, shall have reference to improvement in the stock of the country.
16th. The president shall sign such orders on the treasury, as a majority of each committee shall have drawn in the performance of their duties.
17th. The treasurer shall collect all monies due to the society, pay all orders drawn in due form, and keep the accounts regularly stated in the books of the society.
18th. It shall be the duty of the corresponding secretary to revise all communications, before they shall be made public by authority of the society.
19th. It shall be the duty of the recording secretary to keep and preserve the books and papers of the society, and to prepare its proceedings for publication.
(Here follow the signatures.)