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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription 350APPENDIX.
November 29th, 1839.
The State agricultural society of South Carolina, was organized by WHITFIELD BROOKS, Esq., a vice president, taking the chair.
The constitution was read, as recommended by the agricultural convention, and adopted.
The following gentlemen were elected officers by nomination by the same committee.
His Excellency, P. NOBLE, President.
W. B. SEABROOK, Esq., Vice President.
Col. W. BROOKS,"
Col. W. K. CLOWNEY, "
Col. J. GREGG,"
Chanc. B. F. DUNKIN,""
B. R. CARROLL, Esq., Corresponding Secretary,
R. W. GIBBES, M. D., Recording Secretary and Treasurer.
Gen. George McDUFFIE, Anniversary Orator.

On motion of Simeon Fair, Esq., the society adjourned until to-morrow evening, to meet for a more perfect organization. ROBERT W.. GIBBES, Secretary.

SATURDAY, Nov. 30th, 1839.
The society met at 6 o'clock. The president took his seat, and ad-dressed the society on the objects of the association, in a short but impressive speech,
The minutes of the last meeting were read. The roll was called, and it appeared that seventy gentlemen had become members.
The president informed the society that the meeting was prepared for business, and open for resolutions, Major Ellerbe introduced the following.
Resolved, That two-thirds of the members present at the meeting of the society, shall be necessary to make any alteration in the constitution of the society.
This resolution was adopted.
Dr. Davis proposed the following resolutions, which were agreed to
Resolved, That the anniversary be commemorated by a dinner, and that stewards be appointed by the president to superintend the same.