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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
forty men from Sullivan-county of North Carolina, and Lieut. Col. John Sevier, with two hundred and forty men from Washington county of North Carolina, assembled at Wattauga, on the 25th day of September, where they were joined by Col. Charles M'Dowell, with one hundred and sixty men from the counties of Burk and Rutherford, who had fled before the enemy to the Western Waters. We began our march on the 26th, and on the 30th we were joined by Col. Cleaveland, on the Cataba River, with three hundred and fifty men from the Counties of Wilkes and Surry. No one officer having properly a right to the command in chief, on the first of October we dispatched an express to Major General Gates, informing him of our situation, and requested him to send a General Officer to take the command of the whole. In the mean time Col. Campbell was chosen to act as commandant till such General Officer should arrive. We marched to the Cowpens on Broad River in South Carolina, where we were joined by Col. James Williams with four hundred men, on the evening of the 6th of October, who informed us that the enemy lay encamped some where near the Cherokee ford of Broad River, about 30 miles distant from us ; by a council of the principle officers, it was then thought advisable to pursue the enemy that night, with nine hundred of the best horse-men, and leave the weak horse and foot men to follow as fast as possible. We began our march with 900 of the best men about 8 o'clock the same evening; and marching all night came up with the enemy about 3 o'clock P. M. on the 7th, who lay encamped on the Top of King's Mountain 12 miles north of the Cherokee ford, in the confidence that they could not be forced from so advantageous a post. Previous to the attact, on our march, the following disposition was made Col. Shelby's ridgment formed a column in the centre of the left, Col. Campbell's ridgment an other on the right; part of Col. Cleveland's ridgment, headed in front by Major Wins-ton, and Col. Sevier's ridgment, formed a large column on the right Wing; the other part of Col. Cleveland's ridgment, headed by Col. Cleveland himself, and Col. Williams' ridgment, composed the left wing ; in this order we advanced and got within a quarter of a mile of the enemy before we were discovered, Col. Shelby's & Col. Campbell's ridgments began the attact, and kept up a fire on the