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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
enemy, while the right and left Wings were advancing forward to surround them, which was done in about five minutes and the fire became general all around; the engagement lasted an hour and five minutes, the greatest part of which time an heavy and incessant fire was kept up on both sides; our men in some parts where the regulars fought were oblidged to give way a small distance, two.or three times, but rallied and returned with additional ardour to the attact. The troops upon the right having gained the Summit of the Eminence, oblidged the enemy to retreat along the top of the ridge to where Col. Cleveland commanded, and were there stopt by his brave men ; a flag was immediately hoisted by Captain Depoisture then commanding officer (Major Ferguson having been killed a little before) fora surrender; our fire immediately ceased, and the enemy laid down there arms, the greater part of them charged, and surrendered themselves prisoners to us at discretion.
It appears from their own provision returns for that day, found in their camp, that their whole force consisted of eleven hundred and twenty-five men´┐Żout of which they sustained the following loss. Of the regulars, one Major, one Captain, 2 sergents and fifteen privates killed, thirty-five privates wounded left on the ground not able to march. Two Captains, four Lieutenants, three Ensigns, one Surgeon, five Sergents, three corporals, one drummer and 49 privates taken prisoners; loss of the tories, Two Colonels, three Captains, and 201 privates killed; one Major and 127 privates wounded and left on the ground not able to march; One Colonel, twelve Captains, eleven Lieutenants, two Ensigns; one Quarter Master, one Adjutant, two Commissarys, eighteen Sergents, and 600 privates taken prisoners. Total loss of the enemy 1105 men at King's Mountain.

Given under our hands at Camp.