Wlliam Gilmore Simms
The History of South Carolina, From Its First European Discovery to Its Erection into a Republic >> Front Matter >> Preface

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History | S. Babcock & Co. | 1840
Transcription ViiiPREFACE.
persuades to industry through the medium of amusement.
To say how far I have been successful in this design,
must be the business of the reader. With a confident
reliance on his justice and judgment, I leave my labors
in his hands.
Note.�Occasional, though small inaccuracies, will be found in this volume ; the natural consequence of the author's remoteness from the place of publication. Some faults and trifling omissions are also to be amended. These will be corrected in any future edition of the work. For the present, they must be left to the good sense and indulgence of the public.