Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Harper & Brothers | 1847
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THE works followed and consulted in the prepara-
tion of this memoir are these:
I. Les gestesense mble la vie du preulx Chevalier Bayard, avec sa genealogie ; comparaisons aulx anciens preulx chevaliers; gentilx, Israelitiques et Chretiens. En semble oraisons ; lamentations, du dit Chevalier Bayard, contenant plusiers victoryes des Roys de France, Charles VIII., Loys XII., et Francoys premier de ce nom. By Symphorien Champier, Lyons, 1525." For the use of this rare and quaint old volume, I am indebted to the unique and admirable library of Mr. A. A. Smets, of Savannah, Geo.
II. La tres joyeuse and plaisante histoire, composee par le Loyal Serviteur, des faits, gestes et prouesses du Bon Chevalier, sans peur et sans reproche. ...1n the English translation by Coleridge's daughter.
III. Histoire de Pierre Terrail, dit le Chevalier Bayard, sans peur et sans reproche. Par Jean Cohen. Paris, 1822.
The preceding works form the basis of mine. But
I have consulted many others, which relate to con-
temporaneous events, as well as to those in the life of
Bayard. Among these are Philip des Comines, Mon-
strelet, St. Palaye's Ancient Chivalry, Robert Ma.cque-
reau, Gaspard de Saulx-Tavannes, Roscoe's Leo X.,
Bacon's Francis I., Quintana's Gonzalvo de Cordova,
Hume's England, Roberts' Henry VIII., Sismondi's
and other Histories of France.