Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Harper & Brothers | 1847
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Bayard in Cornmand of the Garrison at Verona — How he issues forth against Captain Manfrone — The Ambuscade of the said Captain, into which the Good Knight falls—Of the Fight that followed thereupon—How Bayard became a Prisoner twice in one Day—Of his Escape, and how he smote the Infantry of the Venetians, Hip and Thigh, at Midnight . 182
How Captain Manfrone devises a precious Scheme by which to circurnvent and capture our Good Knight—How the Secret is extracted from the Spy; and how Bayard plants a Snare for the Fowler, and what ensued thereon .. 191

Showing the Rupture of the Alliance formed by the League of Cambray —The Capture of Legnano by the French—How Bayard goes to assist the Duke of Ferrara—And how nearly he came, not having the Fear of the Church in his Eyes, to capturing the Holy Father himself .. 202
Of the Sortie of Sir Guyon de Cantiers from Legnano, and how he perished by the Treachery of a Spy—How the Pope, having taken Mirandola, lays Siege to La Bastia to the great Disquiet of the Duke of Ferrara, and how the good Knight Bayard plans a Method to relieve it and to defeat the Besiegers•. 214
The Pope's Efforts against the French—The Agreement of Messire Augustino Guerlo with the Duke of Ferrara to poison him—Denounced by Bayard—The taking of Bologna by the French, in which Bayard distinguishes himself—Of the Duel between Santa Cruz and the Senor Azevedo, and the Laws of the Combat.•. 227
Holy League—The Swiss—Bayard defeats them—The allies lay Siege to Bologna—The Astrologer of Carpi—His Predictions—The Adventures of Captain Caumont and his Passage-at-Arms—Bologna relieved by the Duke de Nemours•. 239
The Venetians capture Brescia and beleaguer the Citadel—The Duke de Nemours marches to its Relief—Bayard at the Head of the advance Guard encounters and defeats the Venetian Army under Gian-Paolo Baglione—The French make an Assault upon and recapture Brescia with terrible Slaughter—Bayard leads the Assault, and entering the Barriers at the Head of his Men, is put Hors de Combat by the Stroke of a Pike. 251