Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Harper & Brothers | 1847
Bayard finds Shelter in the House of a noble Lady whom he protects—The Sack of Brescia—The Visits of the Duke de Nemours to Bayard—His March against the allied Army—Storms the Fortress of Russi —Advances to Ravenna—Bayard, impatient of his Wound, determines to join the Army—His Hostess offers him a Present by way of Ransom—He bestows it as a Marriage Portion on her Daughters—His Departure from Brescia .•. 262
Bayard's Counsel before the Assault on Ravenna—The French baffled in the Assault, and draw off in consequence of the Approach of the allied Armies—Bayard instructed to skirmish with the Spaniards—His Purpose anticipated by the Baron of Berrn—What happened thereupon, and how the said Baron was saved by Bayard from his Enemies .. 273
Of the Battle in the Trenches before Ravenna—The Defeat of the Allies by the French—The great Slaughter which followed, and the Death of the gentle Duke de Nemours in the Arms of Victory, by which the Pre-diction of the Astrologer of Carpi was made good.▪. 284
The French Fortunes decline in Italy--Their Troops retreat to Pavia—Fight in the Market-Place—Expelled by the Swiss—Fight at the Bridge over the Ticino—Bayard badly wounded—They cross the Alps—Bayard at Grenoble, where he is greatly honored—Falls grievously sick—Prepares for Death—Recovers and forgets his Penitence—Bayard no Saint," but very like one—His Generosity shown in a famous Anecdote .. 295
War with the Spaniards in Navarre—Bayard sent against a Spanish Garrison—His Lansquenets refuse to fight—He conquers the Castle without them—What happened thereupon at a Feast—The French retreat from Navarre—They invade the Milanese, make many Conquests, but are finally defeated by the Swiss at Novara▪. 312
The English invade France under Henry VIII. — They besiege Therouenne—Bayard proposes an Attempt upon the Army of Henry on its March —Objected—Captures one of Henry's Apostolic Cannon—Is made Prisoner at the Battle of Guinegatte, or the Spurs—Curious Case for the Schoolmen—Is admitted to parole by Henry VIII., and visits Flanders. 326