Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Biography | Harper & Brothers | 1847
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Death of Louis XII.—Accession of Francis I.—He projects a new Attempt upon the Duchy of Milan—Bayard is made Lieutenant-General of Dauphiny—Is despatched with a small Command across the Alps—Reinforced by Troops under Chabannes, D'Aubigny, and D'Imbercourt—Surprises and makes a Prisoner of the Lord Prospero Colonna—The Army of France crosses the Alps by a new Route hitherto unknown.. 337

The Army of France reaches the Plains of Marignan—The French King opens Negotiations with the Swiss—They reject the Treaty, and march out upon the French—The Battle of Marignan, which lasts two Days —The Peril and Adventures of Bayard—The Swiss defeated with great Slaughter.. 346

Francis I. knighted by Bayard on the Field of Battle—Maximilian takes the Field and besieges Milan—Abandons the Siege—Bayard returns to his Government in Dauphiny—The Imperialists invade French Territory—Take Mouzon — Advance against Mezieres, which is defended by Bayard—His Ruse—The Siege raised—He is rewarded with the Collar of St. Michael and a Company. 356

The French pursue the Imperialists—The War resumed in Italy—Bayard sent to Genoa on a secret Commission—Joins the Army of Lautrec—Insubordination of the Swiss Troops — They force the Battle of Bicocca —The French defeated and driven from Italy—New Campaign under Bonnivet—Bayard, against his Wish and Counsel, ordered to hold the Village of Rebecque .. 372

Barricade of Rebecque—Admirable Retreat of Bayard—He threatens Bonnivet—Retreat of the French Army—It is pursued by that of the Spaniards —Bonnivet is wounded—Gives the Charge of the Army to Bayard—Bayard mortally wounded by the Shot of an Arquebuse—Is laid beneath a Tree—Takes leave of his Friends, and urges their Departure—The Enemy approach—They hear of and lament his Fate—The Marquis of Pescara condoles with him, and takes Care of him—Bayard's famous Answer to Bourbon—He dies—Is removed to Grenoble—His Character, and the Lamentation of his Comrades. 384